Aidan O’Rourke – 365, Vol. 2 (2019)

Artist: Aidan O’Rourke
Name of Album: 365, Vol. 2
Year of Album: 2019
Genre: Celtic Folk
Format: MP3 320 Kbps
ZIP RAR File Size: 162 Mb

Album Songs:
01 – For About a Month
02 – Now, You Know About Clootie Wells, Do You
03 – The Film Was Preceded by a Warning That It Contained Some Moderate Violence
04 – That Braggart Has It Coming to Him
05 – We Drove Down the Road, Saddened by My Father’s Decline
06 – I Met Him Only Once
07 – ‘That Place,’ Mick Said. ‘Christ, What a Hole.’
08 – Bill Was Already at His Window
09 – They’d Start Their Calling Around Midnight
10 – The Opening Shot Is of a Flat, Cold, Grey Expanse of Water with the Dawn Coming Up
11 – It Was an Afternoon of Possible Magic
12 – Some Stories Are so Good That They Deserve Repeating in Every Generation
13 – I Had Been Walking a Long Time
14 – It Was the Day of the Great Unveiling
15 – Jack Is Leaning Out of His Window One Night, Admiring the Full Moon
16 – ‘Right, William, Trolley Duty,’ Kev Said
17 – The Girl Climbed the Stairs to Bed
18 – Douglas and Aileen Stood in Front of the Blue Plaque
19 – I Was Riding on a Greyhound Bus, Seeking Some Place to Hide
20 – She Picked Up the Letter Again
21 – There’s a Rumour Going Round, We Don’t Know What It Is, but We All Get in Line
22 – Off the Motorway and Onto the Short Cut, Over the Hill
23 – My Father and I Are Reading the Papers
24 – One Day She Decided to Open Her Own Library
25 – On This Day, the First Recorded Total Eclipse of Scotland Took Place



Album Description:

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