Beans – Wolves of the World (2017)

Beans - Wolves of the World (2017)

Album Songs:
01 – The Echo of Events Unknown and It Held Meaning
02 – Incinerated Composed
03 – Diamond Wizard feat. Cities Aviv
04 – He Walked towards the White Like Movie Star Teeth
05 – Grey Meat feat. Vanessa
06 – I Loathe You for Sentimental Reasons
07 – Rainbows Get Sick and Die
08 – I Don’t Know Any Magic Tricks to Get Your Attention so All I Can Do Is Be Sincere
09 – Existence Becomes One Long Day
10 – Windswept, the Contents of the Heart Grows Bleak feat. Elucid
11 – New Brain Death Blast
12 – There’s Nothing I Want More than to Walk Towards the Sweet Release of Death with You feat. Sam Mickens

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Album Description:

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